The Preservation Services unit is responsible for a variety of activities that ensure the collections of the Sheridan Libraries and Museums remain in working condition to support the research needs of students and faculty.  Many of the activities focus on preventative measures such the commercial binding of monographs and serials, environmental monitoring, education and awareness in the care and handling of collections, collection preservation assessment, and ensuring that the disaster and recovery plan is current and that staff are prepared for the advent of a threat to the collection.

In addition to preventative measures, preservation services works with curators and conservators in identifying collections for digital reformatting activities.  Both of these activities ensure the preservation and access to intellectual content for items either at risk of loss now or in the future.

Preservation Services also coordinates with members of the Recorded Image and Sound Preservation Committee and other departments across the University to identify moving image and audio materials in need of digital reformatting.  Please visit projects which have been funded to date by the National Film Preservation Foundation.